ChimpPress Features

Our easy to use Website Builder will get you online in minutes!


Edit Your Site Fast!

ChimpPress uses the simplest and easiest to use page builder available. Our built-in layout editor allows you to effortlessly build complex page layouts in literally seconds. Say goodbye to creating pages layouts from scratch!

It also comes with a whole bunch of free layout templates for you to choose from that enables you to build your layout even faster!

Managed Updates

WordPress is an incredible platform with so many benefits. It is great for SEO, easy to use, has plenty of themes to choose from, and so much more.

Some cons to WordPress are plugin vulnerabilities, updates, and security to name a few. With ChimpPress, all your plugins and updates are handled for you, giving you the best of both worlds.

Managed WordPress Updates
Easy SEO

Ultimate SEO

Search Engine Optimization has been one of the greatest benefits to using WordPress. Search engines, especially Google, tend to love wordpress as much as we love building sites in WordPress!

In addition to this benefit, our site also includes smart & advanced SEO options for you to boost and configure your website's SEO settings..